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03/02/2016: Our website has a new look! We have officially retired from breeding and are taking on new projects, offering new services that are more in line with our overall philosophy regarding dogs. We hope you enjoy the new offers and continue to follow us.

November 14th 2015: Following the terrorist attacks in Paris and the strict border controls put in place, we won't be able to breed Izzie this year, as originally planned. We will have to push it back until next year.

-October 20th 2015: Eve delivered 10 beautiful puppies after her breeding to Sky. For more information, please visit their page: Eve x Sky litter

-August 22nd 2015: Eve was bred to the very handsome Sky (Elements the Airwolf Inside). We are expecting puppies around the 19th of October.

-August 5th 2015: We are pleased to announce that Harmony gave birth to 8 beautiful puppies today. For more information, please visit the litter's page: Harmony X Seal

-July 29th 2015: Sad news today: Daisy, Hanaupah Rock Daisy of Redwood Ranch, from Eve's very first litter, has died. Rest in Peace Daisy, we'll miss you.

-June 5th 2015: Harmony has been bred to Seal and we expect puppies to arrive around the 5th of August.

-May 24th 2015: Our female Harmony (Harmony of Redwood Ranch) is in heat. She will be bred soon to our lovely boy, Seal (Harbor Seal of Redwood Ranch). An all black litter! (except, of course, if they're both red carriers)

-December 26th 2014: Eve had her puppies this evening. There are 8: 2 males and 6 females. For more information, please visit the puppies page: Eve x Shaggy litter

-December 3rd 2014: Happy Holidays from the entire Redwood Ranch family!

berger australien

-October 25th 2014: Eve was bred to Shaggy (Some Kind of Magic It Wasn't Me). We expect puppies around December 25th.

-July 25th 2014: Fern delivered her puppies this morning. There are 7: 4 boys and 3 girls. For more information, please visit the puppie's page: Fern x Cruz litter

-May 24th 2014: Fern was bred to the handsome Cruz (T-Jag's Little Red Corvett). We expect puppies around July 26th.

-December 28th 2013: Fern had her puppies this morning. There are 4: 2 males and 2 females. For more information, please visit the puppie's page: Fern x Seal litter.

-December 15th 2013: Happy Holidays!

Australian Shepherd

-November 19th 2013: We have made our decision on our breednig plans for 2014/2015. We are very pleased with our choices, some very wonderful Redwood Ranch puppies will be arriving!

-October 27th 2013: Our female Fern, was bred to our black bicolor male, Seal. Puppies are expected December 28th.

-October 18th 2013: Our female Fern, has started her heat cycle. She will be bred to our wonderful black bicolor male,Seal in the coming days.

-May 19th 2013: Eve had her puppies this evening. There are 8: 5 males and 3 females. For more information, please visit the puppies page: Eve x Shaggy litter

-April 19th 2013: Redwood Ranch has moved! We moved to have more space for the dogs and a bit more tranquility. As of today, we are located in Castelnaudary, still in the Aude department.

-March 20th 2013: Our female Eve, was bred to a beautiful blue merle bicolor male, Shaggy. Puppies are expected the 19th of May.

-December 19th 2012: The puppies from the Fern and Colt breeding were born today. There are 7 in all. Four blue merle boys, one blue merle girl and two black girls. Some of the puppies have no tan points. Click on the link to go to their page: Fern and Colt Litter

-December 11th 2012: Happy Holidays!

berger australien

-October 19th 2012: Our blue merle female, Fern, was bred on October 19th to Colt, a beautiful black bicolor male from working lines. Puppies are expected around the 20th of December.

-May 29th 2012: It's with a heavy heart that we announce the death of our little mini, Abby. She died of renal and liver failure, cause unknown. The world isn't fair, she was only 7 years old. She wasn't part of our kennel, but she still held an important place in our family. She will be dearly missed.

-May 10th 2012: We've added a new article in the "Education" section, there are new photos of our puppies and Fern, as well as the announcement of our next breeding. Visit the different pages to see all the news!

-April 4th 2012: All the puppies from the Eve x Power litter have found their families. We wish them all a wonderful, happy life!

-March 23rd 2012: The puppies are preparing to leave to their new homes next week. There are still two puppies available: Harris, a male red merle and Glory, a female blue merle. You can read more about them on the puppy page: Eve x Power puppies

-January 20th 2012: The litter planned with Eve x Power were born on January 18th. There is a total of 8 puppies: 5 females (3 blue merle, 1 red merle, 1 red bicolor) and 3 males (2 red merle and 1 black bicolor). Click here to visit their page: Eve x Power

-December 12th 2011: Happy Holidays!

Australian Shepherd

-November 24th 2011: Eve was bred to the lovely Power on the 18th of November. Puppies are expected around the 20th of January 2012.

-October 27th 2011: IMPORTANT - Our computer crashed and we lost all our files, including our puppy questionnaires. If you filled one out, please do so again so that we can contact you regarding breedings and litters. We are very sorry for this inconvenience.

- October 12th 2011: Our planned breedings for the year 2012 have been decided.

- August 5th 2011: There's been a change of plans for Eve's next breeding. The breeding with Flash is being put on hold until next year so that we can make all the plans necessary to take her Norway and do a natural breeding. For her next breeding, a new male has been chosen.

-June 21st 2011: Bad news - the breeding between Eve and Flash did not work and she remained without pup. She is in very good health and shows no hormonal or other health problems, which was of course the most important element for us. We will redo the breeding by artificial insemination at her next heat and will use one of the premiere canine reproductive centers in France to assure that the breeding takes.

-April 16th 2011: The breeding that we've been waiting for finally happened! Eve and Flash met the week of April 14th in the beautiful seaside village, Collioure.

-November 25th 2010: Litter announcement!

-October 9th 2010: Our latest addition is finally here!

-August 1st 2010: The birth of our latest addition! Her name is Fern California Maidenhair of Sipawaban, daughter of Some Kind of Magic He's All That X Wrenn Dark de l'Orée des Charmois. She will join our family in October. While waiting for us to add her own page, her is a picture of her at 15 days old:


-June 2010: Our website goes online!