Canine Well-Being

Raw meaty bones, Australian Shepherd

Below you will find several articles related to canine well-being including several on raw feeding, which is the feeding of raw meaty bones to dogs. At Redwood Ranch, all our dogs are raw fed. Please note: we do NOT recommend starting raw feeding without first consulting with a canine nutritionist to determine your dog's metabolic needs and to create appropriate, balanced diets specifically for your dog. Yes, a healthy dog will show noticeable improvements fairly quickly when switched from a kibble-based diet to a raw diet, however, over time, the areas of imbalance (too much or too little) will start to present themselves. In order to avoid this, and to ensure the best for your beloved pet, we highly encourage you to seek professional assistance in establishing a new dietary regimen. These articles are therefore more for general information and to introduce you to the principles of raw feeding. There are also links below to canine CPR, as well as healthy treat recipes and health articles, all designed to help you achieve over well-being in your canine companion.