Natural canine well-being consultation


Initial consultation, including a treatment plan (may include dietary changes, supplements): 100€

An online, nutrition consultation for dogs that are facing health challenges as well as healthy dogs whose owners want to make sure they are doing the best they can for their dogs, which includes the creation of balanced recipes. It includes a thorough assessment of your dog using a detailed intake form, which covers veterinary, nutrition and behavioral history.  Nutrient calculation will be done, so that all requirements relative to your dog’s bodyweight, age and activity level will be precisely covered.  A nutrition plan will be designed specifically for your dog with clear instructions as to preparation and transition. The diet will include everything you need in order to offer the healthiest diet specifically for your dog.  Recommendations for using supplements to target specific health conditions, support body systems, improve overall wellbeing and enhance the quality of life will be given, based on life stage and health status of the dog.

You will receive two to three recipes with all the information necessary to easily incorporate the new diet in to your daily routine.


Follow-up consultations or basic diet overview: 35€

This includes either, for clients who have had an initial, in-depth consultation, follow-up to determine if the nutrition plan is working, need adjustments or changes. Very often, for chronic issues, fine-tuning is required.

For those who would like to ensure that the diet they are currently providing is adequate and good quality (this can be for processed kibble, home-made or raw diets), a diet overview with detailed nutrient results is available.



Telephone Consultation in Education or Behavior

Consultation fee: 40€ for a telephone consultation.

The content and layout of the telephone discussion is for you to determine. After a lengthy conversation, detailed observations will be made to determine the plan to put into place. You will be given all the tools necessary in order to put into practice what you will learn during the consultation. Please note: we are devoted to empowering your dog and giving it the ability to choose. This entails mutual respect and therefore we cannot work with families who continue to use aversive tools such as choke chains, prong collars, head halters, spray deterrents or shock collars.


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