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Corine, Australian ShepherdI am half French, half American and have a degree in Animal Science (HBsc, Bachelor of Science with Honors), with a focus on canine genetics, behavior and animal welfare, from the University of California at Davis. I am a Behaviour Therapist and IPDTA Certified Dog Trainer (CTB.ccs, IPDTA-CDT), only using positive, stress-free methods. I am also a canine nutrition consultant.

I have always had animals in my life, growing up surrounded by dogs, cats, horses, birds and an assortment of rodents. My family had herding dogs, mainly Collies, but they were pets and not working dogs. I bought my first dog in 1987, a Cairn Terrier.

I discovered the Australian Shepherd in the late 80s on a working horse and cattle ranch in Northern California. From the moment I saw the beauty and grace of this intelligent breed, I knew that it was the dog for me. I had to wait a little while longer before getting one of my own, as I wanted to be able to have enough free time available for this active breed of dog.

The name of Redwood Ranch was established in 2009. The name honors the beautiful Redwood Trees native to Northern California where we lived and I studied, as well as the ranches where I first discovered this truly magnificent breed of dog.

After breeding for several years, producing many wonderful litters and puppies, our goals and priorities changed due to several important life events: the discovery of cancer in our beloved Fern and the birth of our one and only deaf puppy, Lucas. Certain things happen in life for a reason, and these events, both of which occurred in 2015, had a huge impact on the way we viewed our dogs, dogs in general, breeding, and our purpose.

Both Fern and Lucas made us take a different look at nutrition, natural health, education, and helping others. They made us realize that there were more important things for us to do than breed. Because of them, we have changed how we feed our dogs, how we medically treat our dogs, how we train our dogs and they have opened up new avenues to, in turn, help others.

- Corine and Ken Graham


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